Holiday Visits:
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
New Years Eve and New Years Day.
Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day.
Easter Day and Weekend, The Fourth of July, and Memorial Day.
Spring Break.

Emergency Care
If your pet is injured or needs medical attention and you are not able to be there, we can take your pet to the veterinary hospital, consult with the doctor and report back to you with all information, care instructions and follow-up appointments.  Most visits to the vet fall within an hours time frame.

New Client Information
For your safety and the comfort of your pet, we require an introductory consultation prior to booking your first service. Consultations are free.  This in-home consultation permits us to get acquainted with you, your environment and your pet.  It also gives you the chance to ask any questions about our services, receive details about our experience and recommendations and address any special needs, medical or otherwise, that your pet may have.

Your Initial Consultation Includes:

  • A visit to your home to gain familiarity with your pet and home routine.
  • Discussion and completion of House and Pet Information Sheet.
  • Discussion and completion of Emergency and Veterinarian Information Sheet.

Scheduling Your First Visit:
To schedule visits just fill in the reservation form on this page, or call us at 512-839-7353 if you have questions.  We request that you give us a reasonable amount of notification when scheduling visits.  We will do our best to meet last minute requests.  Please have a set of keys on hand for the visit.  Your keys will be stored safely.  Upon request we will retain a copy of your keys in a secure, permanent file for our last minute “Express Request” service.  Please note that we must meet our new clients, in advance, to evaluate needs.

Please download the following forms and answer all questions as completely as possible.  Bring these forms with you to the initial consultation and be sure to ask any questions that you may have as well.

Client Information Form
Owner Agreement
Veterinary Release Form
Pet Information Form

Payment of Services:
If you are a new client, a deposit is required to hold your reservation.  The balance of your payment must be made when your service starts.  Once you are an established client, payment may be left at your home and be picked up when your service begins.  Full payment in advance is always welcome.

There will be a $25 service charge on any returned checks.

Policies and Procedures:
Minimum cat visits during your absence is one visit per day.
Crated dogs must be visited more than twice a day unless they are booked for mid-day dog-walks.
Puppies left home alone must be at least 6 months old unless they are booked for mid-day dog-walks.
We do not accept clients with chained yard dogs.

Cancellations for extended travel visits are accepted 48 hours ahead of time.  Cancellations for daily visits must be made the day before the visits and walks.  We cannot accept day of cancellations.  We will credit the account for future visits when cancellations are made in advance.

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